Misty Meadows Farm
Address: 6197 Everson Goshen Road Everson, WA, 98247
Email Address:
Phone: 360-312-3554
About Us
Misty Meadows Farm is a small family farm wanting to raise the very best food we can for our own table and for our friends and neighbors. We are certified organic and seek in all ways to treat the land and the animals in ways that are respectful, healthy and sustainable. We raise chickens for meat and eggs, turkeys, and Christmas trees. We were the first farm in Washington State to receive certification for organic Christmas trees.
All of our poultry are pasture raised. Our birds have continuous access to grass and fresh air. We rotate the birds around our 18 acre property providing a year-round supply of fresh pasture. Our birds have open air coops that protect them from severe weather but they are never confined. In 2007, our eggs were tested by a nutritional testing lab as part of a nationwide study sponsored by Mother Earth News magazine. Misty Meadows Farm eggs had 3 ½ times the vitamin E, four times the heart healthy Omega-3s, a third less cholesterol, and a third less saturated fat than eggs from factory farmed birds. In 2010, The Cornucopia Institute rated organic egg producers on humane animal husbandry standards. We were rated the top producer in Washington State and one of the highest in the nation.