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Farm Wild Farm
Address: 724 14th st (1779 E. Smith Rd - farm address) Bellingham, WA, 98226
Phone: 360-510-7161
About Us
FarmWild is NorthWest Washington’s largest aquaponics farm. We are a family farm dedicated to regenerative and sustainable agriculture, striving to create a clean environment, healthy people, and a better world. Set among 27 magical acres on the outskirts of Bellingham, our farm is made up of pasture, forest, ponds, creeks, gardens, greenhouses, barns, solar panels, and plenty of native wildlife. We raise pastured chickens for eggs and meat but are best known for our amazing and beautiful aquaponic produce. Grown in greenhouses and in indoor CEA (controlled environment agriculture) vertical farm facilities, our produce is beautiful, tasty, and fresh twelve months a year. Even our lush green basil is ready for harvest every week of the year, whether it’s Summer Solstice or New Year’s Day.
We Strive to use the most innovative and effective practices to produce food, while having minimal impact on the land, allowing natural, wild places to stay wild. In our aquaponic facility, we grow plants and fish together in a symbiotic relationship. We feed the fish, and the fish wastes, dissolved in water, then provide the nutrients that the plants use to grow. As the plants absorb these nutrients, they filter and purify the water before sending it back to the fish, fresh and clean. The cycle continues-fish provide nutrients, plants purify water. The lush basil, lettuce, cilantro, kale, chard, etc that grow in our system are in fact, just a tasty biological byproduct of naturally filtering the water for 500 beautiful koi. Aquaponics is the most water-efficient method of growing crops, using 90-95% less water than traditional agriculture. The only water used in the system, is the water taken in by the plants to fuel growth. Because the water is rich with organic nutrients and the growing conditions are optimized in our growing facilities, plants grow extremely fast at FarmWild. Our greenhouses and indoor vertical farms grow 10-20 times more produce than could be grown on the equivalent footprint of fertile soil. Our 3000 sq ft of grow space provide as much produce each year as could be grown on about 2 acres of fertile farmland.
We never use herbicides or pesticides of any kind in our operation. Nothing is ever sprayed on the plant. Our strict integrated pest management protocols stop pests before they can become a problem. To further our mission towards ecologically sound practices, we have over 100 solar panels powering the farm, one of the only battery-electric tractors in Washington, and an electric delivery vehicle. And our basil is really fresh, lush, beautiful, green, and delicious.