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Cairnspring Mills
Address: 11829 Water Tank Road Burlington, WA, 98233
Phone: 360-488-2921
About Us
Cairnspring Mills supplies artisan bakers, pastry makers, chefs, pizza makers and industry professionals with flours, freshly stone-ground from identity-preserved grains that are grown, harvested and milled locally for superior flavors, nutrition profiles and baking properties. By building trusted relationships and championing sustainable business practices that add value to the land, the food and the people, Cairnspring Mills creates a new model for regional food economies.
Cairnspring Mills Production Requirements and Guidelines for Grain Growers
1. No pre-harvest desiccation of crops with glyphosate as a harvest aid
2. We collaborate with our grower base to grow regionally well adapted grain varieties that exhibit robust disease resistance minimizing synthetic inputs
3. We prioritize contracts with growers utilizing diverse cover crop mixes and rotations
4. Whenever possible, implement, demonstrate and test regenerative soil health practices.
5. No genetically modified crops
6. No foliar neonic insecticides (the ones that kill bees)
7. When possible, emphasize public grain varieties that allow growers to retain their own seed and re-plant it.