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Well Fed Farms
Contact: Erik Olson
Address: 17858 Sam Bell Rd. Bow, WA, 98232
Phone: 360-708-0520
About Us
Well Fed Farms is located in the fertile flats of the Skagit River Valley.  We strive to raise high quality food using natural, environmentally sound methods that support and strengthen the land and community around us.

Diversity, balance, and health are all important parts of our farming philosophy. We believe that a good farming operation is one that encourages a diverse ecosystem, and where the land and inhabitants, both human and animal, receive thoughtful care and consideration. As farmers, we are responsible for managing our land responsibly so that it can provide healthy, high quality food for our customers, our animals and our own family.  Our animals, in turn, supply us with meat and eggs and give back to the land by interacting with it in a beneficial manner (grazing, helping to build soil, fertilizing, etc).  Land, animals and humans are all tied together in a natural bond and we believe that it’s our responsibility as farmers to encourage that bond and to do our best to ensure that all three are well fed.
We raise a variety of chicken breeds including slow growing French style broilers, and also heritage breed dual purpose birds such a Plymouth Barred Rocks and Rhode Island Reds for eggs and meat. Each variety has its own unique culinary applications, but all of our birds are raised to the same high standards in small groups, outdoors on fresh, green pasture. They are clean, healthy and always have access to grass, grit, bugs, sunshine and fresh air. In addition to what they forage themselves, we feed a premium ration of non-GMO feed from Conway Feed, our local mill. This diet and lifestyle result in firm, yet tender meat, with a wonderful flavor that simply cannot be found in broilers raised in the traditional indoor model.
We also grow a wide variety of vegetables on land that is either certified organic or in the last year of the 3 year transition to organic. Our vegetable production is rotated with our animal production to provide natural, close-looped fertility, which results in healthy land and food of outstanding quality.