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Hima Farms
Contact: Naeem
Address: 20629 WA-9 SE Snohomish, WA, 98296
Phone: 425-317-8822
About Us
Located in Northeastern Everett, Washington, Hima Farms brings agriculture right to the edge of the city. The owner, Naeem’s passion for environmental preservation and love of quality food led him to start Hima Nursery and Farms. It began as a native plant nursery with a small garden to feed Naeem's family and has now expanded to provide for the local community as well. Hima Farms is now working hard to grow and supply a large variety of organic fruits and vegetables right here in the Puget Sound.
Hima Farms is WSDA Certified Organic and we believe that working with nature instead of against it will provide the best quality food. We use techniques such as applying compost and other organic fertilizers, companion planting, and planting of native varieties to support surrounding ecosystems and enhance and work with our environment. Our name originates from ancient Arabic meaning “protected land” and is derived from the concept of sustainability and a genuine desire to converse for the benefit of all. These ideas are implemented in our unique setting through our farming practices.