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Wendi Farms
Address: 584 W Smith Road Bellingham, WA, 98226
Phone: 360-220-8516
About Us
Once known as Green Mountain Farm, our five acre blueberry farm evolved and became Wendi Farms when owner Tibs Ssendawula vowed to help struggling farmers in the country of his birth—Uganda—by providing a fair trade market for their products here in the U.S. Inspired by his grandfather, who would always say as he drank his coffee before heading out to work the fields at sunrise: “Wendi,” which in English means: “I am here and ready to go.” He was excited to share his coffee with others, and we are excited to share with you our locally grown Duke blueberries with their rich, sun-ripened flavor and our vanilla products grown at our local family farms in Uganda. Wendi Farms is here for you and ready to go.
We are planning to become an organic farm in the near future. We started using organic sprays for the topical as we figure out how to control the weeds. We have used vinegar as weed control and we have not been successful with it yet.