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Cascadia Mushrooms
Contact: Alex Winstead
Address: 4771 Aldrich Rd Bellingham, WA, 98226
Phone: 360-714-8859
About Us
Cascadia Mushrooms is Washington's choice for Certified Organic mushrooms. We have been a WSDA/USDA Certified Organic producer since 2009 and have been growing gourmet & medicinal mushrooms in Bellingham since 2005.
Our mission is to provide our customers with a unique mushroom experience that blends the highest quality mushroom products with an eye-opening education in the fields of mycology and mushroom cultivation.
I grow mushrooms because they are one of the most fascinating life-forms on the planet: they are the recyclers of Earth's debris and an essential building block of healthy ecosystems. Farming here in the Whatcom-Skagit area is so rewarding because of the amazing, supportive community that lives here and loves to eat local. The support of my community is what makes my business successful.
Certified Organic through WSDA. No chemical applications or sprays of any kind. All substrate ingredients are from natural woods grown in un-treated forests and Certified Organic grains.