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Alluvial Farms
Contact: Katie Pencke and Matt McDermott
Address: 6825 Goodwin Rd Everson, WA, 98247
Phone: 206-992-7034
About Us
Established in 2015, Alluvial Farms in Everson, WA is a 45 acre first generation family farm specializing in hogs, hemp & house wine.

Our mission is to provide high quality pork, hemp & lard based wellness products, and grapes to the Puget Sound community. Our vision is one of ecological stewardship and resilient local food sheds.
Alluvial Farms pork is certified Animal Welfare Approved by A Greener World. We manage a herd of 9-11 sows and one board and raise Berkshire x Spot cross pigs on Organic pastures during the growing season and in our hoop barn and outdoor yards during the rainy season. Our hemp and grapes are certified Organic by Oregon Tilth. Our whole farm operates under a Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan as part of Whatcom Farmers for Clean Water conservation initiative. 10 acres along fish bearing stream on farm reforested and set aside as surface water buffer with conservation easement held by Whatcom Land Trust.