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Whidbey Pies
Contact: Joe Gunn
Address: 765 Wonn Rd Suite A102 Greenbank, WA, 98253
Phone: 360-678-3474
About Us
Whidbey Pies has been producing handmade artisanal pies for more than thirty years. Founder Jan Gunn opened her weathered copy of The Joy of Cooking and made a loganberry pie for her seafood restaurant in the summer of 1986. Thirty years later Whidbey pies bakery and cafe live at the landmark Greenbank Farm, a publicly owned 151 acre property on Whidbey Island. Legacy owners Joe and Jessie Gunn have continued our dedication to simple whole ingredients and traditional techniques to produce the most delicious homemade pies you can buy.
We make conscientious decisions when sourcing our ingredients. Our fruit comes from the Pacific Northwest region, our flour from a northwest farmers Cooperative. The organic coconut oil in our crust replaces a hydrogenated oil or palm oil seen in many commercially made pies. We invest in our local community, keeping our pies as handmade as possible by employing people rather than machinery to produce our pies.