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Oak Meadows Farm
Contact: David Whittaker
Address: 6285 Noble Oaks Lane Ferndale, WA, 98248
Phone: 360-384-6005
About Us
Oak Meadows Farm is a family owned, pasture-based, regenerative poultry farm. We are located just north of Bellingham, WA. Our main focus is pasture raised broiler chickens and eggs.
When our chicks are 3-4 weeks old, they are moved out to pasture into movable shelters. The shelters provide protection from the sun and rain as well as keeping predators out and chicks protected while allowing plenty of fresh air to flow through the shelters! Natural instinct and behavior are evident in our chickens. They love foraging in our pastures, always looking for a sunny spot to sunbathe in or hunting insects. The shelters are moved every day to fresh pasture allowing them to forage in our perennial polyculture of 25+ different species of plants.

In addition to what they eat from the pasture, they are supplemented with super high quality feed that is made from Washington grown wheat, peas, canola, camelina, and alfalfa. There are no byproducts or fillers in the feed our birds eat and it is Non-GMO, corn- and soy-free. Hormones, steroids and antibiotics are never a part of our chickens' diet!