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Pure Nelida
Address: 17226 State Rte 536 Mount Vernon, WA, 98273
Phone: 805-478-8717
About Us
We are located in Mount Vernon in the beautiful Skagit Valley. Pure Nelida grows 72 Varieties of veggies, NW and Oaxacan herbs, and fruits.
The story of our business begins 30 years ago when Nelida learned to cultivate fruits and vegetables in the fields of California. For many years, she and her family worked and lived under the hot sun and amongst the pesticides. Then, Nelida moved to Washington, where she learned organic practices and gained experience growing 100% organic products that you can enjoy with total confidence. Pure Nelida produce is grown with the utmost honesty, effort, and skill unique to Nelida.
Nelida’s personal interest in organic products comes from her son’s diagnosis of leukemia and her suspicion that the disease arose due to the many years the family spent working among the pesticide-ridden fields of California. After a long battle, Nelida ultimately lost her son to this disease.

Pure Nelida Organic Produce is an independent business that uses agricultural practices that are free of pesticides. Its products are fresh and certified organic from the state of Washington, and come directly from the fields of Skagit county to your table, ready to be fully enjoyed for their nutritious, fresh, and Pure Nelida flavor.