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Contact: Michael Houder & Alice Mayeron
Address: 128 W Main Street Suite 101 2801 Donovan Ave, Bellingham WA 98225 Everson, WA, 98247
Phone: 352-262-1479
About Us
We are Alice and Mike. After decades in the restaurant industry we started
Thoroughfare to provide high quality sustenance to more people in a
bigger way. Our flagship product is soy-free tempeh, a versatile plantbased
protein, and we are proud to be the first tempeh producers in
Washington approved by the WSDA.

Similar to its store bought relative in name only, our artisanal, small-batch
tempeh is a flavorful, toothsome and satisfying protein that everyone can
enjoy no matter their dietary preferences. We think of tempeh as
something that gives more than it takes which is why our motto is “Good
food for the long haul”. We hope you’ll come along for the ride!
We are happy to say that our tempeh is:
Naturally vegan
Free of soy and gluten
High in protein and fiber
Raw and unpasteurized

Thoroughfare tempeh is made with four simple ingredients:
Beans and/or Grains
Rice Vinegar
Lactic Acid (vegan)
Rhizopus Oligosporus Culture*

*This is the amazing fungi that binds our beans into a versatile block. It is
grown on rice before being ground into a powder.

Due to a prevalence of allergies and dietary restrictions we have opted to
make 100% soy-free varieties, including black-eyed and yellow split pea.
As we continue to evolve and build relationships with producers, we look
forward to offering more varieties of tempeh made with Washington grown
beans and grains.