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Pangea Ferments
Contact: Braeden Kaemingk
Address: 1627 Jill's Court Unit 19 Bellingham, WA, 98226
Phone: 360-224-8847
About Us
Pangea Ferments is a family run business that set out in 2015 to bring naturally fermented krauts, kimchi and seasonally available products to the PNW. We've a deep fascination for the process, a love of all things fermented and a desire to explore and share these amazingly unique flavors.
Our products are raw and wild-fermented. Every jar is packed with 100% usda certified organic produce/spices. We add no vinegar and no heat, preserving the natural flavors and gut-loving microbes.

We work with organic farmers in Whatcom and Skagit Counties to help support our local food economy and ensure we are shredding veg' at peak season. We've a small crew, with a small footprint, but a rapidly growing circle of friends, farmers, restaurants, customers, and other business owners whom continue to inspire and support us.

We believe that surrounding yourselves with people and food that leave you feeling 'positively nourished' can be transformative.