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Viva Farms
Address: 16470 State Route 20 Mount Vernon, WA, 98273
Phone: 360-697-1913
About Us
We are a small farm with big goals! Viva Farms is a non-profit farm incubator aspiring to grow the next generation of farmers. We are a certified organic farm in Skagit Valley. This year we support 15 small scale farmers on only 33 acres. We provide agricultural and entrepreneurial education, equipment, infrastructure and outlets for sales and distribution. Viva farmers come from a diverse background including Latino farm workers with years of agricultural experience to beginning farmers looking for meaningful work and connection to local food and the environment. We are proud partners with the Sustainable Agricultural Education Program with Skagit Valley College.
This summer our farmers are growing everything from strawberries to zucchini. Our organic fresh berries and vegetables can be found in many local restaurants, coops and institutions. We hope you will help us continue to grow this season.

Viva Farms is certified organic through Oregon Tilth. We provide community resources by offering educational workshops for on and off-site farmers and gardeners. Our goal is to leave the land better than we found it; we plant cover crops, encourage crop rotation and only plant with Non-GMO seeds. Looking forward Viva hopes to expand our growing season with enhanced greenhouse production. We believe in healthy food as a basic human right for all.