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Address: PO Box 2162 Kingston, WA, 98346
About Us
Founded in 2012 on the shores of the Salish Sea on Bainbridge Island, Washington, Iggy's was formed to honor the ancient history of fermentation and the critical role it has played around world cultures and food systems for centuries.

We are foodies, herbalists, artists, athletes, musicians, sci-fi fans, fishers and foragers, homesteaders, home-brewers, parents, backcountry badasses, part time philosophers and fermentation freaks. We show up to work to craft the finest fermented beverages on the market.
Since Iggy's began fermenting in 2012, we've purchased tens of thousands of pounds of organic vegetables and herbs from organic local farmers. We continue to operate from a circle of direct -trade relationships with local farms, bee-keepers and wild harvesters and foragers. We do all of our own herbal extraction in-house.

Iggy's follows a triple-bottom line standards of business, prioritizing our people - who make us what we are, and the planet that gives us ground to stand upon, before corporate profits.

Iggy's is an open-book managed company, and takes great care to include employees in decision making, review of finances, setting of company goals and benchmarks, and in celebrations of success.