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Small Acres
Contact: Mia Devine & Chris Henderson
Address: 3811 Hatley Rd Everson, WA, 98247
Phone: 206-940-8482
About Us
Formed in 2013, Small Acres is a first generation family farm that produces a diverse array of vegetables, fruit, fermented products, eggs, and luffa sponges! We are certified organic, and strive to be as ecologically responsible as possible. Renewable energy engineers by training, we want the farm to be an example of appropriate scale technologies in action for small farms and want to offer positive examples of tools and practices that can be widely used. A nominator from our Community Food Co-op Innovator Farmer Award summed it up by saying “their farm is one of the best examples of small-scale sustainable agriculture done right in Whatcom County. They have been an amazing resource for other farmers and have approached their farming practices with great intention and forethought.”
At Small Acres we care about the environment and believe there are little steps (and big steps) that everyone can take to be responsible stewards of the land and to minimize negative impacts. We are certified organic because we are raising a family on the farm and we care about what we eat. We grow cover crops, minimize tillage, make high-quality aerated compost, add essential minerals based on soil testing, and use long-term crop rotations to maintain healthy living soil. This translates to healthy plants and nutrient-dense vegetables. We use a variety of native perennials and annuals to attract beneficial insects and pollinators. We purchase organic seed and minimize waste by composting organic materials on site and recycling. We are also renewable energy powered with both solar and wind power. We use 100% biodiesel made from waste vegetable oils in our tractors and delivery truck.