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Blanchard Mountain Farm
Contact: Walter Brodie and Linda Versage
Address: 15404 Estes Road Bow, WA, 98232
Phone: 360-399-1495
About Us
Recently retired from growing annual crops focused on Italian produce, Blanchard Mountain Farm owners, Linda Versage and Walter Brodie, continue to offer a few WSDA Certified Organic perennial herbs (anise hyssop, lovage, mountain mint, more), a bit of rhubarb, green sorrel and some PNW native fruit, flower, leaf and conifer crops for wholesale and restaurant markets. Some items are available through the Puget Sound Food Hub. We are located in the beautiful Samish Flats of Skagit Valley. Our land stays in production by hosting other wholesale farmers who manage their own annual crops and business and also sell through the PSFH.
We grow fresh high-quality products in partnership with nature. We are certified organic by the Washington State Department of Agriculture. As stewards of the farm’s ecosystem, we improve its biodiversity through native hedgerows to attract pollinators and beneficial insects. Whether we, or others we lease to, are farming, we assure cover crops, rotations and compost are used to improve the soil. Our small farm is intensively managed to efficiently bring fresh food to the marketplace. We feel that farming is as much about community as it is about growing food so we sometimes offer farm experiences on our 20 acres through a 1-bedroom Guest House, classroom and occasional events and educational offerings. Through prior arrangement, we welcome winter bird watchers. With backgrounds in K-12 education (wellness, school gardens, field science/environmental education), as schedules allow, we can partner with schools, businesses and other groups to receive field trips to the farm or to do an occasional outreach visit.