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Bellewood Farms
Contact: The Abel Family
Address: 231 Ten Miles rd. Lynden, WA, 98264
Phone: 818-357-7063
About Us
A family run apple farm committed to growing and producing high quality, local food for our community. Bellewood Farms has over 25,000 apple and pear trees featuring 21 varieties, producing 1.7 million pounds of fruit each year. We are located in Lynden, Washington in the heart of Whatcom County, one of the top national agricultural communities. Our mission is to "Bring Delight to Everyone" and we love sharing our premium quality apples and by-products with the world.

Bellewood Farms operates the largest apple orchard in western Washington. We work with local stores and community co-ops to supply the finest quality apples available, along with many apple by-products. Our premium quality fruit is grown with stewardship in mind. We are the community, and the community is us! Our farm practices reflect an organization that takes care of its resources for our neighbors and the good of humanity.

Consumers are interested in food with verifiable commitments to food safety and growing standards. At Bellewood Farms we practice “good agricultural practices” (GAP) and are certified by the USDA. We are audited by the USDA and comply with national food safety requirements to both purchasers and retailers.

At Bellewood Farms we use healthy farming practices for sustainable crop production. We achieve this by farming practices which follow ecosystem-based approaches to improve sustainability of production systems. We aim at meeting consumer needs for products that are of high quality, safe and produced in an environmentally and socially responsible way. We use sustainable biological processes to maintain and/or improve the environment, and ensure sustainability, while at the same time improve crop production. We emphasize conservation agriculture, integrated pest management, integrated plant nutrient management and pollination management, among other healthy processes.
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an ecosystem approach to crop production and protection that combines different management strategies and practices to grow healthy crops and minimize the use of pesticides. Bellewood Farms uses IPM as a pillar of both sustainable intensification of crop production and pesticide risk reduction. Our fruit is tested as 100% chemical free and our community trusts us to grow fruit that is safe and healthy.
At Bellewood Farms we are also proud of our farm’s Salmon Safe certification. In addition to our safe pest management, we’ve created forested and wetland habitats along Ten Mile Creek and tributary, to insure a healthy Salmon population.

We practice Conservation Agriculture (CA) encouraging water infiltration which allows soils to absorb most of the rain water even during extreme rainfall events, reducing the risk of erosion and flooding. Yield variations between dry and wet years are less pronounced under CA than under conventional farming practice.We also increase organic matter levels in our orchard providing a better rooting environment in the soil to improve water holding capacity of the soils and the ability of plants to survive during drought periods.

For questions about our farm practices, please contact Blake Abel, VP of Agriculture,