Four Elements Farm
Contact: Amy Moreno- Sills
Address: 14308 Military RD E 2908 32nd Ave Ct SE Puyallup, WA, 98374
Phone: 360-829-7000
About Us
Four Elements Farm cultivates 56 acres of organic row crop vegetables in the Puyallup
Valley. My husband Agustin and I had over 15 years of wholesale farm management
experience when we started our own farm in 2014. I have a love of agriculture and
Agustin has always worked in ag. He began picking peppers and mangoes for ag
operations as a teen in Mexico, then in the orchards of Yakima prior to landing at a
vegetable operation in the Snoqualmie Valley where we met. We employ ~15 people year
round. We prioritize integrity in both product quality and how employees are treated and
compensated. We will take a financial hit to avoid sending questionable product out. We
pay well and do not skimp on overtime pay or hours.
We are a certified organic row crop vegetable farm. We earned the 2019 conservation
implementer of the year award from the Pierce Conservation District. We prioritize the
health and financial wellbeing of our employees. The Four Elements motto is, "Delicious
Produce Grown with Integrity".