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Bellingham Pasta Company
Contact: Katie Hinton
Address: 3125 Mercer Ave #101 Bellingham, WA, 98225
Phone: 360-303-8435
About Us
Since 2007 Bellingham Pasta Company has offered fresh semolina/egg pasta in both retail PLA containers as well as bulk reusable bins for restaurant accounts. We use high-quality semolina flours that is NON ENRICHED, meaning we have only three simple ingredients...flour, Cerified Humane eggs ( and water. This gives our pasta a bright, pure, rich flavor. Please have a look at our videos on our website on how we make our pasta and cooking demos.
We practice zero waste procedures in our kitchen. We serve our community by donating our time to Common Thread and conducting "pasta camps" in the summer, as well as give over $9,000 worth of pasta in 2017 to area Food Banks.