Kirsop Farm
Address: 8941 James Rd SW Rochester, WA, 98579
Phone: 360-402-5028
About Us
Good food grown on preserved land is better for everyone.
As farmland preservation farmers, we grow produce and raise livestock on 60 acres of land at the Scatter Creek Farm and Conservancy in Rochester.

We left the Tumwater land we farmed for 20 years in 2013 to be the anchor farmers in a project that preserves 150 acres of beautiful agricultural land and river habitat.

Growing food on preserved land is so much more than we ever imagined.

As soon as we were settled, we saw the pieces fall into place:

We have peace of mind. The land we farm can never be sold out from under us.

We are invested. We purchased our house, the milking parlor, and several other buildings on the property, making us full land preservation partners.

We work in community. Our partners in the land trust and the local conservancy work together with us to ensure that the land is healthy and that farming and conservation practices work in harmony.

We can’t think of a better way to structure our lives and our vocation, or a loftier goal than to grow good food for you in collaboration with the earth itself.
You partner directly with one of the only farms in the area operating 100% on a preserved forever-farm.

Every time you spend a dollar at our farm stand, you make the Chehalis River cleaner. By eating our food, you make a positive impact on our waterways and wildlife habitat by helping us maintain ecological diversity.

Our food is skillfully grown, so you eat foods that are packed with nutrients and full of flavor. Each food is the best version of itself. Tomatoes are wildly sweet-acidic. Arugula is sharp and peppery. Our chickens have a deep, satisfying flavor.

You eat meats that are positively sustainable. Our animals get a feed mix Colin creates himself using grains we grow right here and peas grown by another nearby organic farmer. They also get lots of leftover ugly-beautiful produce.