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Ten Fold Farm
Contact: Chris & Tiffany Bell
Address: 4634 Guide Meridian Bellingham, WA, 98226
Phone: 360-220-7391
About Us
Ten Fold Farm is a 9.8 acre farm in Bellingham, WA practicing old-world farming and tending techniques, shunning all pesticides, herbicides, and commercial fertilizers. Our heirloom vegetables, fruits, berries include both European and Asian varieties as well as the time honored traditionals. Meats and Poultry are raised in a rotational grazing system and grown without antibiotics or hormones. Working closely with farmers markets, restaurants, local sustainability organizations, churches, and the Whatcom Conservation district this farm aims for a holistic and harmonious presence on our community, environment, and family.
Ten Fold Farms production standards follow the guidelines set forth by their certification as Naturally grown. This means but is not limited to:
No synthetic ingredients or amendments;
No prohibited non synthetics;
No ionized radiation;
No sewage sludge;
No above listed items applied to the land within the previous three(3) years;
Maintain buffer zones for protection of crop area;
Tillage and maintenance practices must minimize soil erosion and improve the physical, chemical, and biological condition of the soil.
Crop nutrients and soil fertility maintained by crop rotation, cover crops, and the application of plant and animal materials.
Manage plant and animal material to maintain or improve organic matter content that does not contribute to contamination of crops, soil, or water by plant nutrients, pathogenic organisms,heavy metals, or residues of prohibited substances.
Raw manure is not added to soil less than 120 days prior to harvest.
Use only Certified Naturally Grown or Organic seed and Non-GMO

A full list of requirements and procedures may also be found here: