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North Cascades Meat Producers Cooperative
Contact: Farmer Cooperative
Address: NCMPC P.O. Box 244 Acme, WA, 98227
Phone: 360-722-1322
About Us
North Cascade Meat Producers Cooperative (NCMPC) is a farmer-owned cooperative serving Island, Skagit, Snohomish and Whatcom counties. NCMPC members provide high quality, locally produced, pasture raised beef, pork and lamb. The NCMPC offers a North Cascade Meats grass-fed brand which can be found in regional stores. Our products are source-identifiable from each individual local farm. We are committed to compassionate care of our livestock, careful stewardship of land and water resources, preparing our products with the highest attention to food safety and delighting your table with healthy and flavorful beef, lamb, and pork.
Members of the NCMPC participating in the cooperative’s branded North Cascade Meats, A Farmers’ Cooperative program have signed a Uniform Marketing Agreement which contains these production standards:

1) Market animals to be sold under the grass-fed standards shall be 100% grass fed for and under NCM member ownership for at least 6 months prior to slaughter.
2) No hormones shall be used in production.
3) The routine use of antibiotics is prohibited. (Sub-clinical)
4) Vaccinations and worming medications are allowed.
5) The pasture standard requires no commercial (petroleum based) fertilizers and no pesticides applied to the field.
6) Grazing animals cannot have a detrimental impact on riparian areas.