MyShan Dairy
Contact: Mylon and Shannon Smith
Address: 202 Front Street Lynden, WA, 98264
Phone: 360-410-7777
About Us
We are currently milking 35 cows with approximately 35 heifers. We began with Guernseys because Shannon and Maleah developed a passion for the Guernsey cow. We love their beautiful color and gentle disposition.
Our milk is very sweet tasting, and has a creamy smooth texture. Guernsey milk is full of beta-carotene (anti-oxidant) which gives the milk its golden color. Its also much easier to digest because of the higher percentage (92%) of A2 protein that it contains. Many people who are lactose intolerant can drink our milk.
Our cows are fed a non-GMO diet which consists of pasture during the spring and summer months and grass silage during fall and winter. They are supplemented with a wheat and barley only grain mix. We are currently working with the Non-GMO project to get verified.