Address: PO Box 1234 Olympia, WA, 98507
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Phone: 360-956-1048
About Us
Since 2008 OlyKraut has been crafting raw, organically certified sauerkrauts, pickles, and sipping brines in Olympia, Washington. We hand make each batch of fermented vegetables using organic ingredients sourced from as close to home as possible. Our seasonal approach to processing captures the peak of taste and abundance at harvest time. We use time-honored preservation techniques that enhance nutritional value, celebrate the power of raw tradition, and provide you with living food all year round. Filled with probiotics like Lactobacilli, our refreshing raw kraut strengthens immune function, supports digestion, and revitalizes the body. Try one of our award winning flavors in your favorite recipe, as a condiment, or straight out of the jar!
We believe in growing a healthy regional food system and thriving, happy gut microbes. We use locally-sourced, organic ingredients and never ferment in plastic. OlyKraut products are prepared by hand, naturally fermented, and kept alive and full of healthy probiotics. We build connections with local farmers, buying more local produce each year, to help our farmers grow alongside our company.