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Sage & Sky Farm
Contact: Sam Roper
Address: 3002 E Smith Rd Bellingham, WA, 98226
Phone: 360-305-2471
About Us
Sage & Sky Farm’s grass-fed lamb and pastured poultry can’t be matched in flavor and quality; it truly reflects the climate and soil of the land where it is grown. Our farm is a 27 acre new-generation family farm in the foothills of Mt. Baker. We began restoring this 100 year old dairy in 2010, building on our passion for good food and responsible living. The meat is tender, the carcasses are well-formed, and the flavor is exceptional. Everyone should eat as well as we do!
Sage & Sky Farm uses sustainability to guide our decisions. Our locally hatched, Cornish X chickens eat only locally milled non-GMO feed, and they spend most of their lives in the pasture eating grass, insects, and living like chickens should. Our sheep are grass fed, hormone and antibiotic-free Katahdins, whose lambs are raised on pasture. Our animals are all butchered here on the farm by USDA certified processors. We manage our animals to prevent the health problems you see in larger conventional farms. We know that happy animals are healthier animals, and create a higher quality product in the end.