Growing Veterans
Address: 21025 Starbird Road Mount Vernon, WA, 98223
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Phone: 425-974-0907
About Us
Since 2012, Growing Veterans has been combining veteran reintegration to civilian life with organic agriculture practices. We provide opportunities for veterans to become farmers, providing them with hands-on training and peer support - we call it 'dirt therapy'. Buying our produce helps fund our farming and peer support programs, keeping veterans employed and engaged in our local communities.
Growing Veterans’ farms are USDA Certified Organic and Salmon Safe. Our mission encompasses sustainable agriculture and farm management that includes a commitment to minimal tilling, crop rotation, growing heirloom vegetables, composting and using harvest waste as animal feed. Our produce also carries the Homegrown by Heroes label. Recently our farming program has expanded to bee keeping, growing organic grains and hops, and value added items such as honey, and our own custom blend PTS-tea.