Slanted Sun Farm
Address: 7908 Leibrant Rd Everson, WA, 98247
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Phone: 509-290-2965
About Us
At Slanted Sun Farm we are committed to land stewardship based on organic and sustainable agriculture. We believe that it is important for all members in the community not only have access to nutrient rich food that has been produced in an environmentally responsible way, but also recognize the importance of having a strong local food system.
We are WSDA Certified Organic. We believe that it is important for everybody’s food to be grown in a way that is not only healthy for the consumer but also for the individuals who grow, harvest, and process it. By keeping with organic standards and not using synthetic pesticides or herbicides as well as taking steps to avoid the use of organic pesticides we ensure harmful residues are not on our food, limit our personal exposure to harmful chemicals, and help build a better ecosystem.

We use many practices to keep our plants and soil healthy including crop rotation, beneficial insectaries, use of physical barriers from pests, ensuring adequate nutrients in the soil based on soil tests and proper amendment application, use of cover crops, proper tillage practices, water conservation, and use of organic seeds when commercially available. We look forward to continuing to learn how we can be better stewards of the land and build our business based on sustainable practices.