Acme Farms Cheese
Contact: Mickey Burnett
Address: 2185 Valley Highway Deming, WA, 98244
Email Address:
Phone: 360-595-2700
About Us
We are a small artisan cheese producer in Acme, WA located near the foothills of the North Cascades. Operated by Sarah Phillips and Mick Burnett, Acme Farms Cheese has been providing Western Washington with French inspired cheeses since 2015. The South Fork Valley has a long dairy tradition and we are excited to bring cheese production back to the area.
Our cheeses are all hand made in small batches inspired by traditional recipes and techniques. We age our cheeses to perfection on-site to ensure the highest quality.

We source our milk from Coldstream Farm, a family run dairy directly across the street from us. Because of its nearby location we get the freshest milk possible. Coldstream Dairy has a mixture of Holstein and Jersey cows, a perfect combination for great cheese.